Dr. Ben Yount and his associates are caring, thorough professionals and my husband and I are so glad we now have him as our dentist.

– Lisa R.

Dr. Yount is terrific, friendly and caring, and his staff is excellent. Highly recommended for folks in the general Burlingame & San Mateo area.

– Doug B.

I was referred to Dr. Yount. Having had 4 different dentists all my life, I will say Dr. Yount is the best! He spends time talking to you, we both have a keen interest in cars so we hit it off right away. Before I visited Dr. Yount, the last time I had been to a dentist was 2004. My last dentist looked in my mouth for 30 seconds and left after the hygienist cleaned my teeth, it felt very impersonal. Dr. Yount however spent time talking to me about my brushing and flossing habits. Turns out I was flossing incorrectly! He showed me the proper way to do it, and I see a major improvement in my gum health. Before they were very sensitive, but after flossing properly they feel great! I want to thank Dr. Yount again for taking the time to talk to me, and did I mention how gentle he is? My god, my other dentists have been rough, but not Dr. Yount, he’s very gentle and caring. Thanks again Dr. Yount, I will return to San Mateo for my next teeth cleaning/exam!

– Jay N.

Zero complaints. The hygienists in the office do a great job of cleaning my teeth. Scheduling and billing is easy. Dr Yount is a very nice guy and i have confidence in his care although I have not needed it, he’s just done regular check ups.

The only negative is that they don’t do Delta Dental HMO, which is what my new insurance is forcing me to switch to so sadly I have to find another dentist. I’ll miss my semi yearly teeth cleaning at Dr Yount’s office.

– Reginald F.

Dr. Yount and his staff are super friendly. I am so glad I was referred to this office.

– Sheryl M.

Very thorough dentist, takes his time and makes sure the work is perfect.

– Pochini M.

Dr. Yount and his entire staff are top-notch. I’ve always been happy and well taken care of at his office. What I can appreciate most is Dr. Yount’s honesty and conservative approach. We are moving to a new city and will miss the entire team.

– Martin E.